Britax Safe-n-Sound b-grow ClickTight TEX

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 Next Generation Safety, easy to clean on the go.

b-grow ClickTight tex features our unique patented ClickTight Installation System technology, Advanced Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT), and Grow-With-You™adjustable crotch buckle.

The ClickTight Installation System is designed to provide quick, effortless, and secure installation, every time. Fast. Easy. Secure.

Advanced SICT on the torso and headrest deals with crash energy earlier in a side collision and only needs to be used on the door side of the seat.
The Grow-With-You™ adjustable crotch buckle grows with your child from 6 months up to 8 years (approx.) providing them maximum comfort. Designed to be adjusted without the need to uninstall the seat.

Designed to reduce everyday misuse, whilst offering overall increased protection, b-grow ClickTight tex offers safety and flexibility.
The combination of Thermo5® and Nanotex® creates an advanced fabric resistant to stains and moisture, providing comfort with hygiene and convenience. This means when little accidents happen on the go, your seat is easy to clean and will continue to keep your little one comfortable.

The TEX Series incorporates liquid barrier technology, causing spills to bead up and roll off your seat without compromising on its look, feel, or comfort.
Key Features:
  • Thermo5® with Nanotex® Spill Protection : Stain resistant and moisture repellent properties combined with Thermo5® High Performance fabric makes it easy to clean on the go.
  • ClickTight Installation System : Fast, easy & secure installation with just a few simple steps.
  • Advanced Side Impact Cushion Technology Stain resistant and moisture repellent properties  (SICT): Advanced SICT is a deployable safety innovation with crumple zone technology. Located on the headrest and torso, the unique design combines advanced safety and freedom of space.
  • Patented Grow-With-YouTM Adjustable Crotch Buckle: A patented, unique 4 position adjustable crotch buckle that grows with your child. A no fuss, press, slide and lock system.
  • Protective Shell: The enclosed shell design provides enhanced shielding to ensure the child is contained within the protective elements of the child seat. A protective barrier between the child and the vehicle.
  • Integrated Coloured Belt Path: Clear, obvious coloured visual belt paths to guide seat belt installation correctly.
  • Improved Comfort Seating Support:With increased seating depth, your child will have improved comfort and support as they grow older.
  • Comfort without Compromise: Generous internal seating area and comfortable trim padding with additional cushioned insert, slide-out cup holders, and 2 recline positions.
  • Improved Harness Adjuster Location: To assist in the prevention of child access, the harness adjuster button is now lower and inset.
  • Slim Outer Width: Allows multiple car seat configurations in a vehicle.
  • Hassle Free Harness:The frontal easy adjust headrest can be height adjusted without uninstalling the seat, with a 6 point Hassle Free Harness keeping your child securely restrained for longer.

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