One of the joys as a new parent is definitely the need to prepare and decor a nursery. That thrill you get when you imagine your future child and how you will hold him. You might imagine already the wonderful memories you will create in that room. But it also can be a little bit overwhelming.

If you are a first parent, the abundances of products and tools available can feel like something out of this world, while experience parents can be frustrated with the new and improved equipment’s.  The trends are changing quickly and new regulations might change the perspective on what it is ‘’safe to use’’. We are here to offer you a convenient and comfortable option for shopping and guide you through the unfamiliar. It might seem a little bit strange that such a little person would need so many products and furniture, but they are designed to increase the wellbeing of the family, and of course the wellbeing of the baby.



Sleep is such an important aspect of our daily lives. And when you have small children, your limits of how much time you can go without sleep are seriously tested. Your desire to buy products that will help the wellbeing of all the family is not only understood but also encouraged with a large variety of products. There is something specific to every family to fit every need.

Our Lamps are designed not only as a decoration product but as a companion for your child. We have the most beloved animals, such as penguins, giraffes, dogs, monkeys or elephants. The lamp can be placed on your nightstand and will color the room with changing nightlight function. Or, if your child prefers to sleep with a furry friend, you can opt for a nightlight soft toy, which is special because of its belly lights when you squeeze the belly. It will give your child the comfort that he seeks and will become his favorite toy very fast. We encouraged you to take a look at all the products available and imagine which one your child will love the most and will create the relaxing atmosphere we are all looking for at bedtime.


Play mats

Prepare yourself to take many pictures, as the play mat will be the place your family will create wonderful firsts milestones. If your baby looks interested already in colors or what is happening around him (noises, voices) you can begin searching for a play mat. Depending on the space available, you can opt for a colored rug, which will be investigated very seriously by your baby, or an activity gym.

For the activity gym, the options are many as you would like (with animals, stars, and village). Each one is designed to have enough objects to wake the curiosity in the child to explore them, but not too many to overstimulate him. If you would like your child to feel more like in nature, we have an activity gym designed as a tent. Your child can play as much as he wants and then sleep in the tent too. It will be a great adventure!


Sound and color are the most favorite elements for a baby. Playing will them, it will help him understand the world and get him accustomed with the daily objects around him. Mobiles are very beloved products by babies and parents too, not only for playing with them, but also because they have the effect of soothing the child. If you have problems with the sleep routine, this is must object.  The songs have a calming effect and will help prepare for sleeping. And, when the child is older, it can play with it too. The amusement he will get by pressing the buttons and hearing the sounds it makes are not to miss.


Leander Range

Babies spend most of their time sleeping. As a parent, we are sure that you want to create the most relaxing and comfortable environment for sleeping. After all, a good night sleep does wonder for all the family members. Opt for quality sheets that will prove a great asset in time. Made only from materials suited for babies, you have several options when it comes to colors (such as grey, misty blue, soft pink). There is definitely an option for everybody.


All the products available are from trusted and tested baby brands. We are concentrated on covering all your needs. Enjoy these specials moments without stressing out if you have everything that you need for your ba