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The Guard Me baby barrier can be extended by up to 24cm with this extra panel. The panel – or parts thereof – is easily attached to the guard by following the instructions.

BabyDan Safety Gates & Home Safety Products

BabyDan is industry leader in the world of baby gates and child home safety. They have produced high quality products in their own factory in Denmark since 1967 and continue to innovate and perfect their range. All materials are certified and comply with strict European standards as do their designs.

We are very pleased to be bringing a selection of the BabyDan range to Australia to help you safeguard your home against unnecessary accidents and trust you will find what you need in the range.

Safety Gates

The Guard Me barrier is a retractable safety barrier. It folds to one side once opened and is virtually hidden from view. Guard Me is the world’s first retractable safety barrier and is a very practical and aesthetic solution.

Guard Me baby barrier

This world-first retractable safety barrier folds away automatically and it is almost invisible when not in use. When you open the Guard Me barrier, it will auto-fold to the side and leave the door way free.

The barrier can be mounted both inside or outside the door frame and is also ideal for narrow stairways and doors where a more traditional gate cannot swing open.


PDF Download of GATES and extentions comparion

  • Extra panel size 24cm.
  • Made from plastic (ABS, TPU, PA) and contains no PVC.

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