BabyDan Flexi Fit baby gate

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The Flexi Fit baby safety gate is an ultra flexible solution as it can be fitted on both the inside or the outside of the door frame as well as on the diagonal. It is adjustable in width and has a child proof safety lock. Once mounted, the gate can be removed without tools in an instant for an event or while in-between babies.

The gate opens in both directions and suits openings 67-105.5 cm. It doesn’t have a bar across the bottom so it is ideal for securing a stair case (such a cross bar would otherwise pose as a trip hazard).

BabyDan is industry leader in the world of baby gates and child home safety. They have produced high quality products in their own factory in Denmark since 1967 and continue to innovate and perfect their range. All materials are certified and comply with strict European standards as do their designs.

We are very pleased to be bringing a selection of the BabyDan range to Australia to help you safeguard your home against unnecessary accidents and trust you will find what you need in the range.

Safety Gates

The Flexi Fit gate can be mounted inside or outside the door frame and even on the diagonal. It is easily adjusted to different widths and can also be temporarily removed when not needed.

This wall mounted gate is unique and ultra flexible as it can be installed either inside or outside the opening and also diagonally.

The gate opens in both directions and can be easily removed when not needed i.e for a party or between babies.

It has no cross bar at the bottom and is ideal for stairs

Flexi Fit Baby Gate

A width-adjustable baby gate that is wall mounted with a quick release system that allows you to remove the gate from the brackets in seconds.

  • No bottom cross-bar.
  • When mounted inside the opening, the Flexi gate suits openings 67-105.5 cm.
  • When fitted on the outside, 5cm less.
  • White only

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