About Us


Over the years, at Tiny Tots Baby Store we have had one major goal; this goal is driven by the fact that we take your baby’s well-being as our central focus. We are a baby store concentrated and committed to giving you a delightful experience whenever you baby shop. With years of unrivaled professionalism, we raise the standard; thus providing the best baby store and offering the most innovative of baby products and giving you a wide variety of options when you baby shop and that is our major concern as it has always been over the years; and that is why since the onset of our establishment, we have kept getting better.


What we like to refer to as the best Melbourne Baby Shop was established in the year 2011, by founder Sulani Perks. Sulani Perks is a mother of two children; Nathan and Marly. Sulani’s experience as a nursing mother was her driving force for the establishment of Tiny Tots Baby Store. From her experience, she learnt the need to ensure always that babies are provided with the best products; she understood the pain of substandard materials and the adverse effect some of them brought with them, as well as the delight that parents had when they had the best product for their babies and this understanding is what keeps our baby store going; our range is expanding constantly, varieties and innovations are introduced just to ensure that you as a parent get what is right and standard for your babies. Every product in our baby store undergoes quality and durability testing and this leaves us confident that no matter what you purchase, you get a guarantee that you get the best, and to stand true to our words in rare scenarios where a product from our baby shop falters, or doesn’t meet your satisfaction, we have crafted a return policy that makes you even more rest assured; coupled with our customer service, and in addition to our superb service, we ensure delivery is intact, fast and reliable; our Melbourne baby shop is a delight to walk in to. We are hinged on the foundation of parent’s satisfaction, baby’s comfort, innovation and altogether it is what makes us unarguably and proudly the best baby store to shop in.


Our baby store was initially an online based platform strictly in 2011 at its onset, but because we are built on the frame of hunger for continuous growth, improvement, betterment, innovation, all influenced by our passion, vision and desire, it served as motivation, a mental push for us to work harder; to reach a wider audience with our incredible service, and so since that year, we have continued to grow and altogether it ensured that our customers over the years are left satisfied and delighted whenever they come to our baby store, and this growth encouraged a new chapter.

From our strictly online based platform, we have moved to a boutique baby showroom in Bayswater, Victoria, 29km east of Melbourne.

Next Stage of our service....

With our expanding range and meeting the needs of our local community, we are taking our boutique store to a new Venue.

New store location No.1142 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully, Victoria 3156.

Our NEW Melbourne baby shop is located at the base of beautiful Mount Dandenong, it is home to our innovative products, ranging from bed and bath items to feeding items, nursery items, toys, and a host of others, and because we are solely concerned with giving you a delightful experience while you baby shop, that is why our superb and very friendly customer service is positioned to deliver to you comfort and that is why unarguably we are and still remain the best baby store.


In order to ensure that you baby shop conveniently, we have an organized process of how we function; your needs and that of your babies is prime to us, and that is why we adhere to strict patterns, procedures and rules in ensuring our visions toward the services we offer are met. First, we have a super-fast delivery: having started as an online based baby store, the years of experience has ensured that our delivery system only get better and better, we also have competitive prices; the best prizes you can trust, these combined gives you a palatable and delightful baby shopping experience. As mentioned earlier, our customer services are splendid; reliable and friendly, they are there to hold you by the hand while you baby shop and show you the delightful offers we have that would suit you and this is not only peculiar to our Melbourne Baby Shop, our online baby store is well crafted to make your baby shopping convenient and comfortable to the best way we can. We also create showroom and demonstration opportunities; we understand that innovative items might appear confusing. It is all about the years of service; serving parents since 2011, we are simply the best.

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