Q & A Uppababy Vista 2017

Today I like to answer four questions we received about  UPPAbaby VISTA 2017 Full Leather Covers Stroller + Bassinet + Rumble Seat Special.

1. Does this 2017 model require lower adaptors to be bought in addition to the package? Ie to have rumble seat (or another seat?) up top and bassinet down below?

You will only require lower adaptors if you need to customise the stroller. As an example to create more space between the upper and lower seats when used with the rumble seat.If used with the bassinet you will need a lower adaptor to fit the bassinet in the lower position.

With the configuration of the stroller, it is important to know that the child weights the highest always need to be on the top for the stroller to balance. So in an instance, your travelling with the toddler and a newborn, the light weight child, in this case, the newborn will need to go in the lower position. This is for the safety of the children to balance the weight of the stroller evenly giving it stability.

Rumble seats are always to go on the bottom of the strollers. The only seat that will fit on the top of the stroller is Toddler seat that included in the stroller pack.

2. Does this 2017 model require upper adaptors to enable both toddler seat and rumble seat attached at the same time?

You can use upper adaptors to make the toddler seat higher on the top giving more space between the seats. You can use both seats on the stroller without any extra adapters out of the box. But if you like to customise the look and add space in between seats you can use the upper adaptor or lower adaptor or both adaptors.

3. How does the warranty work? And who do I contact if I have issues with the pram in the years ahead?

For all Uppababy warranties, our store receipt for purchase is valid as proof of purchase. Currently, Uppababy offers 2 yr manufacturing warranty.In a case of warranty need to be claimed please contact Uppababy Australia directly and present them with our store information and receipt.

4. Does this 2017 edition come with two seats (toddler seat and rumble seat) and a bassinet?

Uppababy 2017 edition in the standard includes bassinet, Stroller frame and toddler sear with the standard accessories. Our promotional offer includes the rumble seat in the pack.


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