Zazu Wall Light With Plush

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​Zazu Wall Light w/ Plush Nursery Wall Lamp Decor Circular Ring Motion Sensor

Create a comforting environment in your child’s room with Zazu Kid’s smart wall light. The light is operated by hand gestures and powered by a rechargeable battery (USB cable included). Choose one of the 3 included soft toys to watch over your child at night.

  • Operate by hand gestures. The light can be operated by hand gestures; waving, hovering and tapping.
  • Adjustable brightness. The brightness of the nightlight is fully adjustable.
  • Multicolor Night Light - Zazu Kids introduces their new LED smart night light featuring a ring shaped wall lamp with color changing options and 3 magnetic attachable soft animal toys. You can choose from: white, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise, green or multi.
  • Motion Sensor - No need to press buttons or keep tabs on a small remote control. This LED wall light is operated by using hand gestures such as waving, hovering or tapping.
  • Adjustable Brightness - Change the lamp color with a simple tap. LED color options include: white, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise, green and multi-colour. The brightness of the light is fully adjustable.
  • Automatic Shut-off - The light can be programmed to automatically turn off after 45 minutes, to preserve battery life and keep your child asleep without any distractions. If your child sleeps well with light, you can also choose to keep the light on all night.
  • Soft Plush Magnetic Toys - Fay the Fox, Rex the Racoon and Otis the Owl are 3 small magnetic soft plush toys that easily click on to the lamp to watch over your child at night.


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