ZAZU Nightlight Melodies Soft Toy Max

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Meet Max
Nightlight. A soft glowing light in the belly’s.

  • Activate by squeezing. To switch on the light and music you just squeeze the belly.
  • 3 different melodies. Choose from 3 different melodies: Lullabies, Lounge & Nature sounds. Two volume settings.
  • Auto shut-off. The light & sound will automatically shut-off after 20 minutes.
  • Nightlight - Max, Bo and Katie have a soft glowing light during the night.
  • 3 different sounds - You can play 3 different songs while falling asleep:
  • lullabies, lounge and nature sounds. Two volume settings
  • Auto shut-off - The light and music will automatically shut off after 20 minutes. K11
  • ZAZU Soft Toy Nightlight with Melodies - Katie ZA-KAT 16 16 24 0.217
  • ZAZU Soft Toy Nightlight with Melodies - Max ZA-MAX 16 16 24 0.217


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