Twistshake Click Mat 6+m Pastel Blue


$49.95 $59.95

The new Twistshake placemat and plate series are developed to make food time a more comfortable and happy experience. Easily attach your plate with just a click. The clever CLICK MAT sticks to the table making the plate almost impossible to move even for the most energetic toddler. The smart lid included with all plates conveniently transforms the plate into a lunch box for the trip or for general storage. Two or more plates can be stacked thanks to the ingenious TWISTCLICK function. The shape of all plates is developed to fit perfectly with Twistshakes cutlery series.


  • Free from BPS BPA and BPF Safe for your child and for yourself
  • CLICK MAT Available in 2 sizes. Attach your favorite plate and the mat sticks to the table
  • Premium material Placemat in silicone and plate in PP and TPE plastic
  • Removable plate Choose between our three models
  • Smart lid Included with all plates perfect for storage or the trip
  • TWISTCLICK Two or more plates can be stacked and take less space
  • Suitable for children 6 months and up
  • Dishwasher safe Put in the upper partition
  • NOTE! Twistshake Click mat cannot be used in microwave

Transform your plate into a stackable lunch box!

Choose your favorite plate among our three models: regular plate divided plate and bowl.

The plate is designed to fit perfectly with Twistshakes cutlery so that your child easily can scoop up the food.

Twistshake Click mat with plate fits perfectly for tables! Easily attach your plate with just a click. The clever CLICK MAT sticks to the table making the plate almost impossible to move. A must for all toddlers at the dinner table!

Switch things up! Create your own Twistmix by recombining the parts from differently colored Twistshake models and wonder at the results. Let your imagination run wild!

Twistshake Click-mat
Twistshake click mat is available in two sizes one for tables and one for highchair trays.

Our plates
Twistshakes plate comes in three models. A deep one which is perfect for purees and liquid food. A partitioned plate for when the tasty food is not to be bunched together. A shallow one for the rest of the delicious food out there!

For us the safety of you and your child is the main priority. Thats why we are first in the world with testing for BPA BPS and BPF to make sure that all our products are entirely free from these harmful substances. We want to make sure your child gets the best start in life.

Get the best experience out of our plate series by combining them with our conveniently designed cutlery! At Twistshake we want to make your childrens environment as safe as possible and we have designed our cutlery in accordance with that goal.

Twistshake bib

Sometimes staying clean means using all the tools in your arsenal! Twistshakes bib is made from a soft plastic that does not interfere during meal time. The adaptable strap is perfect for the growing child.