Skip Hop Musical Instrument Set

Skip Hop

$34.95 $39.95

The Skip Hop musical instrument set includes 3 musical instruments. The Bee hand drum, Fox tambourine, and Bee clacker. This set is ideal and can be bought for many reasons for instance, for fun, enjoyment and also for nurturing music interest in your baby.

This Musical Instrument Set comes in form of animals that the kids can easily relate to.The shapes are such that they offer easy and smooth handling of the instruments. They are small and light in weight, just the right size for little hands. Continuous use of this music instrument set enables the kids to develop and grow their interest in these instruments which can be developed further by playing real musical instruments as they grow older.

The Skip Hop Musical Instrument Set in addition is a good distraction for the babies, and allows the caregiver to engage in other activities as the baby is busy playing with the instruments.As the saying goes, music speaks when words can't and hence, the set is good investment.


Skip Hop Musical Instrument Set  Features

  • Suitable from age 6m+.
  • Bee hand drum with rattle beads.
  • Fox tambourine with jingle bells .
  • Bee clacker with flexible wings.
  • Easy for little hands to hold small size ,light weight.
  • Made with PVC-free & Phthalate-free material.
  • Size of Bee hand drum (cm): 17l x 4w x 15h
  • Size of Fox tambourine (cm): 11l x 4w x 15h
  • Size of Bee clacker: (cm): 9l x 6w x 15h