Prince Lionheart 2 Stage Seat Saver

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Kids love to celebrate every “I did it!” moment that life has to offer. We’re always encouraging them to reach for the stars, to go far in life. Here is a product that helps make that reach a little closer. Simple and clean design that just simply works!


  • Our faucetEXTENDERs bring the water to where kids can reach

  • Anti-microbial to ensure clean hands from a clean source

  • It’s stretchy to fit over large faucet heads

  • Fits most faucets (including standard and gooseneck) & wipes clean

  • Ageless—as long as hands need to be washed, the faucet EXTENDER will be


    • Weight: 0.1 kg
    • Suitability: 12 Months +


    • Product   L: 65 x W: 100 x H: 135mm

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