Chicco Hydrogel Soothing Pads (6pk)

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Used from the first signs of reddening, the hydrogel disks help you to prevent irritation or nipple lacerations, maintaining the skin moisturised and supple. They alleviate pain, soothing, refreshing and protecting the nipple and areola, allowing you to continue breast-feeding. In case of skin breaks, they create the ideal condition that favours healing by reducing the proliferation of bacteria.

Rapid Healing Your Hydrogel soothing pads reduce pain and promotes rapid healing. Breast feeding can be sore and tender, the Hydrogel pads soothes, restores and helps repair your delicate skin.

Water-based Moisturising Water-based, refresh and moisturise the skin, giving instant relief.

Easy Application Thin and smooth, apply and remove easily.

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