Chicco Soother: Physio SOFT 6-16 m 2pk - Girl

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Besides reducing the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), the soother also plays an important role in proper oral development. It is designed to fit
perfectly on the baby's mouth, ensuring correct, uniformly distributed pressure of the tongue on the palate.

  • Physiological designed with a shape and features which do not hinder the natural functions of the mouth.
  • Thin at the base, to prevent dental problems.
  • The Orthodontic Physio Teat, combines all the necessary features to facilitate the proper development of the baby's mouth.
  • Tiny Ridges encourage the natural positioning of the tongue inside the mouth.
  • Groove And Angled Shape to promote uniform distribution of tongue pressure, favouring correct development of the palate. 
  • Super Thin And Soft Base ensures proper closure of the baby's mouth.

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