Chicco Breast Pads: Antibacterial - 60 Pk



Chicco breast pads ensure maximum safety and delicateness for the breast skin. These are dermatologically tested and made of anti-bacterial fabric which ensures proper breast hygiene, helping prevent irritation. These are ultra-thin & breathable breast pads, invisible under clothing to provide maximum comfort and support to mums. Chicco breast pads are super absorbent which keeps the breasts dry.

The effectiveness study highlighted that by using the breast pads with antibacterial components there were no rhagades or irritation in 80% of cases, no mastitis and it took less healing time in comparison to traditional breast pads. Chicco breast pads were also judged positively by mothers involved in terms of absorbency, breath-ability and dry feeling.
The Chicco Breast Pads: Antibacterial - 60 Pk destined to impress, and priced at only $14.95, for a limited time.

Product Last Updated: Sep 27, 2020

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