Bugaboo Fox3 Bassinet and Seat Pram | Midnight Black Sun Canopy and Fabrics BlackChassis

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 Grey mélange sun canopy, grey mélange fabrics, graphite chassis

The ultimate comfort pram for any terrain. Bugaboo Fox 3 combines a premium look with more than 20 years of innovative pram design, featuring advanced ergonomics. The new bassinet design with breezy panels offers optimal airflow for even more comfort for your baby.
Go further than ever imagined. The ultimate comfort pram for any terrain just got better.

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Snug and comfy from day one

The new breezy bassinet will keep your baby cool in the heat so they can enjoy their discoveries with comfort. Hello world!


Perfect look and soothing feel

The premium, soft-to-the-touch fabrics are gentle and perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. Your baby will feel just as snug and comfy as when you're holding them.

Comfortable strolls, also for you

A pram that is easy to push with the tip of your fingers will change how you see comfort for good. With different settings for going out with your newborn or toddler, you'll be always ready to go.


Unmatched manoeuvrability

You'll be always in control and ready for any adventure. The groundbreaking, advanced suspension will help you be prepared for all twists and turns life throws your way.


Nimble & strong

All the comfort you need in a full size pram with an ultra compact folding option. This makes Fox 3 super easy to store at home or on the go. A featherweight champ with heavyweight power!​


Groundbreaking 4-wheel suspension

For smooth, bump-free rides every step of the way.
Combining 20 years of smart design and rigorous testing, this pram offers you the best and lightest push ever. It features a unique chassis design and large puncture proof wheels so that you can easily steer it with one hand through any terrain.

Maximum safety and comfort

No hassle to buckle and unbuckle, and ready to go in no time!
Our super-soft shoulder pad harness has a 5-point buckle so that each strap can be secured independently. It’s so easy to use, and you’ll be ready to hit the road in a matter of seconds!​

Design to impress and match your style

Discover our new range of vibrant colours and sleek neutral tones.
Innovative soft-to-the-touch fabrics – the updated fabrics are water repellent, durable, and soft to touch. All fabrics give you the confidence they'll last for generations while offering the best comfort for your child.

Smart comfort

We combine ingenious Dutch design with creative ergonomic solutions; that’s why folding, storing, and pushing our prams is just as easy as falling asleep in them. With comfort ready for any discovery, your child can grow into a happy and curious little individual while always feeling safe and cosy.

Built to last

We’ve been designing durable, easy to care for products since the get-go. Replaceable parts, washable fabrics, puncture proof go-everywhere wheels and do-anything suspension mean you’ll enjoy your pram for a long, long time and then some.


Safety and peace of mind

Each pram is meticulously tested, built to last, and made to exceed every industry safety and quality standard there is. From choosing chemical free materials to quick-lock solutions that help you fasten a safety harness in a heartbeat. Every one of our products is made to give you peace of mind while using it.


Made to excite

We want to excite families about the everyday with the help of a fantastic range of products that easily mix and match to fit any need–from fabric colours to helpful accessories. We encourage parents to discover a world of something new together with their kids, every single day. So, a trip to the store becomes a sightseeing tour, and a walk on the beach turns into a treasure hunt. 

Pram weight 12.2 kg
Age range 0 months – 4 years
Comfort, all terrain pram
Front wheels 22 cm
Rear wheels 30 cm
Min – Max. adjustable handlebar height 88 cm – 108 cm

On the seat 22 kg
In the underseat basket 10 kg/35 liters

Compact two-piece fold 86 x 52 x 34 cm (L x W x H)

One-piece self-standing fold 47 x 60 x 90 cm (L x W x H)

In use
Lowest handlebar position 105 x 60 x 88 cm (L x W x H)

Highest handlebar position
104 x 60 x 108 cm (L x W x H)

Care instructions
Washing and cleaning
All fabrics are machine washable at 30°C. Leather-look grips: use a damp cloth to clean. Always check the washing label for exact cleaning and maintenance instructions.
Inner, outer fabrics, filling
100% polyester
Handlebar grips
100% PU leather-look
Bassinet mattress cover
100% cotton


Whats in the box

Seat fabric

Easy to attach to the seat frame. Offers added padding for a comfortable ride.


Sun canopy

Even better design, including breezy panels and peekaboo window.

Bassinet fabric

Easy to attach to the seat frame. Offers the most comfortable ride for your newborn and comes with storage pockets in front and a new breezy mesh panel for optimal airflow.

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