Beaba Set Babypotes + Portion- Blue



Flexible baby bottle to be filled, which is converted into portions thanks to an airtight mouthpiece to preserve the preparations. Lets taste, from 6 months homemade preparations (compotes, purees, yogurt etc.) in a fun, easy and clean.

  • Perfect for storage and for freezing
  • Wide neck: Easy Filling and Cleaning
  • Solid base: can be stands
  • Hermetically tight, ergonomic lid
  • Durable silicone rubber that even after a long period deteriorate
New Babypote Home-made food (fruit and vegetable purees, yogurts etc.) can be enjoyed as from 6 months of age in a fun, easy and clean way. A supple 1st age spout (6-12 months) and a rigid 2nd age spout (12 months and over). Size: 76 x 70 x 115 mm Portions Silicone conservation container. A food conservation container for the refrigerator or the freezer. Simply replace the lid with the spout when baby is ready for his meal. Size: 76 x 70 x 104 mm
Beaba Babypotes + Portion- Blue

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