Beaba Personal care set - Coral

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The set includes

Bath thermometer, brush and comb, "special baby" nail clippers.

  • Attachment ring: allows you to store and attach all the toilet accessories together to form a practical and easy to transport set. _
  • Easy to hook and unhook.

Bath Thermometer:
  • Liquid indicator thermometer: floats in the bath.
  • Rounded shape: No risk of injury.
  • Ring: For hanging the thermometer.
  • Integrated hanging hook

Brush & Comb:
  • Very soft nylon bristle hairbrush and comb with rounded teeth, extra gentle on babys head
  • Ergonomic shape of the comb and hairbrush allow for a good grip
  • Ingenious storage system (the comb is stored in the back of the hairbrush), saving space in the _bag or vanity case
  • Convenient ring on the end of the hairbrush for hanging on a hook.

Baby Nail Clippers:
  • Finger-rest: Blocking finger for good grip more stability.
  • Stainless steel: Can be desinfected with 90 alcohol.
  • Ring on the end of the storage case: For hanging on a hook.
  • Protection case: Hygienic.

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