BabyDan Premier gate Extensions

Color: BabyDan Premier 2 Bar BABY Gate Extension White ( 72 cm Heigh)
Sale Price$32.95


The Premier pressure stair & door gate can be extended to suit a larger opening by adding extra bars. The bars must be added as evenly to each side as possible and you can add max 6 bars (3 each side). Each bar adds approx 7.5 cm to the gate.

It is important to note that if more than 2 extensions are being added, you will need to fit wall cups for the pressure pads. This might require drilling.

The extension bars come in a single or twin pack, in either white or black to match your gate.

INCLUDES: 1 extra bar for the Premier pressure gate in  black OR 2 extra bars in  black. Select carefully.Main Gate not includedExtentions only.


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