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ZAZU Heartbeat Plush DEX

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ZAZU Heartbeat Plush include heartbeat module that plays 6 different soothing melodies. This is a unique soft toy comforter that calm and soothe your newborn mimicking a mums heartbeat.Each toy is different in character with the same heartbeat sound monitor inside the soft toy.

ZAZU Heartbeat Plush Features

  • Include 6 different sounds
  • You can set up the with 6 different sounds.
  • Include mothers heartbeat, waterfall and 4 other soothing melodies.
  • Easy to activate
  • Just shake the soft toy to activate the sound. No need to switch on, Just shake and the toy will play the last chosen melody.
  • Include timer with auto shut off
  • It is set up to switch off after 10 minutes.
  • Best feature is voice activated sound sensor
  • This is a great feature to have in a comforter.
  • It will activate when your baby cries in the night.
  • It will help baby to self-soothe back to sleep.
  • Choose and set up your prefered volume.
  • Lovely characters to choose from dog DEX, lamb LIZ and DON the donkey.
  • Soft toys are 30 lengths 12 cm wide 12 cm height approx and made with the soft cotton plush material.
  • Include 6 different soothing melodies.

Mothers natural heartbeat sound, waterfall sound and 4 other soothing melodies.

  • Adorable characters.

Puppy dog DEX, cute white lamb LIZ or DON the donkey to choose from.

  • Voice activated

Perfect to self-settle your baby during late night waking ups. With mothers heartbeat sound or other soothing melodies, it may assist baby to self settle-back to sleep.

  • Safe for babies.

Attach the toy to the cot with the included attachment ribbon. This makes this toy SIDS safe. No batteries or switch on buttons in babies reach.

  • Easy to activate.

Shake the toy to activate the sound or voice activated function.

  • Easy to keep clean.

Remove the egg inside and wash the plush toy to keep it clean and germ-free.




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