Prams & Strollers

Prams & strollers are baby basic essentials, which allow easy baby movement. They are specially made to make sure that you don’t have the problem carrying your baby when on the move.

Coming in different designs and styles to suit your needs, prams & strollers are manufactured to comfortably serve the baby to the maximum. They come with wheels mostly four, with which they are able to move from one place to another. In addition, they have long handlers to enable you as a mother or father to push it while moving. The middle part of the stroller is designed to carry the baby, which is adjustable to suit the needs of the baby. For instance, if the baby falls to sleep while on the stroller, you can adjust it backwards for the baby to sleep
comfortably. Below it, the prams & strollers have places where you can put baby essentials that you might be moving with, such as drinks, food just to mention but a few.

Prams & strollers offer you as a parent an easy way out of moving with your baby, no fatigue which means the baby is able to enjoy your company whether on the move or not. They are also made such that they can be dismantled to suit the situation such as, just using the inner part of the baby carrier without the wheel system, especially if traveling in a car.

At Tiny Tots Baby Store, we stock a wide range of prams & stroller brands such as Maxi-Cosi and others, to serve your parenting need.