Booster Seats

    We at Tiny Tots child Store regard childrens comfort as the most important service we could offer to our customers. All our products are specifically for the purpose of ensuring parents do not struggle or hassle while nurturing their child, one of our wonderful products is our car booster seats.
    Car booster seats are innovative child items that provides the child with adequate comfort through long journeys, you could refer to them as child’s accessories for travelling. They are almost similar to car capsules, but they are like chairs, front facing; very comfortable. They also function alongside car seat belts to ensure that the child is not likely to be harmed in case of accidents, sudden stops, collision, swerving, and bumpy rides. They are also specially crafted for long rides.
    Car booster seats are for children from ages six months to even eight years (this is because there are laws that guide the usage of car booster seat; that until a child is 135cm tall or twelve years of age, he or she is to remain on the car booster seat). They are excellent choices especially when your car does not have head rest.
    Safety for your child is important, and Car booster seats ensure that safety is guaranteed. However, when seeking to get a car booster, you must keep these in mind:
    Know the type of Car booster seat you need, in knowing this, you must know the weight and height of the child. The height and the weight of the child determines if you need a rear facing seat, a forward-facing seat or a booster seat. A rear facing seat would be better off for newborns and once their head begins to pop up even just one inch from the top of the seat it is time for the forward-facing seat; this one takes children from the age of two to the maximum height or weight, and the booster seats are for children that weigh more than forty pounds.
    The space in your car: opt for a narrow car booster seat if you do not have enough space. Most importantly, read the manual and know how well to use your car booster seat, many use it wrongly.
    At Tiny Tots Baby Store, we believe that while you and your child are going on a long ride, your child should be as comfortable as possible, and not just comfortable but adorable, and that is why our varieties of car booster seats are stylish. Avail yourself of the wonderful options available in our store today.