Bags & Accessories

As a parent, at times you will need to travel and see the world or even take you baby to work with you and hence,  travel bags come in as essential tools. It is advised to spend many hours with your baby especially when he/she is young, so that the parent- baby bond is created and developed. However, today’s world has it that everyone needs to do their thing to stay afloat and make ends meet. This may result to cutting short the time spent with your baby. With baby travel bags, you are able to take your baby with you wherever you are going, carrying everything you require in the bag.

At Tiny Tots Baby Store, we understand the need to have you baby and everything you need for him/her wherever you go and that is why we stock a wide range of baby travel bags. They are specially made to serve the needs of the baby while on the move. They are specially made with several pockets to put baby essentials, valuables and other accessories and products. They are designed in different baby colors and designs to perfectly fit the baby environment.

Baby travel bags ensure that you have enough space and convenience while on the move. They come in different sizes to suit your different travel situations. If you are traveling for long, then you will need to carry more stuff for your baby hence, a big bag and vice versa. Adding icing to the cake, we have stroller travel bags, which have a wheel system to allow ease in movement by pulling or pushing the bag, instead of carrying it around.