Car Capsules, Car Seats and Capsules

    When going for a ride in your car, it is advisable at all times, you fasten your belt, however when taking your baby out in your car, do you know they need to have their own belts fastened?
    Belting up in car rides reduces the risk of injuries when accidents occurs; it makes a big difference, it keeps the passenger in check and minimize injuries in case of accidents, collisions, swerves or sudden stops. Having understood this, it is important to understand that babies should never be placed in the front seat, and when placed at the back, they should be belted up. However, the belts in a car are not crafted to efficiently and comfortably belt up and protect the child like it would protect grown-ups, and that is why we baby experts at Tiny Tots Baby Store suggest you use “car capsules”.
    Baby car capsules are wonderful baby innovations that helps transition from hand carrying of baby around to car movement. They are well cushioned items, almost in the shape of a basket, with a rotating handle. They can also be referred to as “infant restraints”. Many capsules are designed to carry babies up to 9 kg, they are very adjustable and can also be used outside the car.
    However, like other baby items, when baby shopping, you have to bear in mind certain factors when it gets to the car capsules. These factors include: you knowing if you want a car capsule that has a base or a belt. The difference between the base and the belt is that the base allows for the car capsule to be easily and conveniently placed or detached from the car and hence allows the basket to be easily used as a baby carrier too, but the belt functions alongside the car’s seat belt’s compartment. Both are ideal and are simply dependent on the choice of the parent.
    Also, you might want to consider if you want a car capsule that could fit into another detachable part that makes it an automatic pram or if you want an ordinary car capsule, or you want a universal capsule that could fit into any pram of equal brand names. The pram capsule allows for the car capsule to be conveniently carried around and in times when parents want to sit, they could be easily placed beside them instead of on their legs or other places.
    Also, if you desire a car capsule, it is important that you get one that has some sort of shade from sunlight. Understand that it is not only going to be a car tool but also a baby carrier, you do not want your baby to be disturbed by sun rays. Apart from sunlight, focus on the materials used, materials go a long way in ensuring your baby’s comfort, ensure it is well cushioned.
    Check out the variety of quality car capsules we offer at Tiny Tots Baby Store, we are sure the perfect one for you is on the list.