Play Mats and gyms

    In the process of raising a baby or toddle, baby baths can be the most stressing activity in parenting. To save the day, bath toys makes baby baths less hectic. They provide a distraction to the baby which allow the mother to wash clean up, by the time the baby is noticing, your are already done.

    The mind of a baby is so tender and delicate, which makes it easy to manipulate.A baby will notice a change in environment as, he/ she knows only the environment they are used to. Any significant change frightens the baby and they end up crying. This is the reason why babies cry when they are dipped in warm bath tabs. Bath toys help distract the baby, such that as the baby plays with the toys, you as the mother will be washing up the baby. Hence, the baby does not realize the change of environment.

    Baby bath toys to well achieve the objective for which they are made for, are made in designs, which are baby friendly. Mostly they are made to emulate  characters, which are funny and fascinating to the eye.

    At Tiny Tots Baby Store, we got all your baby bath toy needs covered as we stock a wide range of bath toys from floating toys, sinking toys, game bath toys and
    many more.