Activity Toys

    Just like any normal gym that you know of, a baby play gym is a type of activity toy, which is a small wooden or plastic area with toys suspended and spread in it for your baby to play with.

    Many are times that you are in the house with your baby but you soaked in so much work and activities in the house, such that you may forget about your baby. Definitely, you know that it is not safe and ‘legal’ (pun intended) to leave your baby unattended. To save you the trouble of worrying how and what to do with your baby when you are doing other things, the baby play gym carries the day.

    The play gym comes with a baby play mat, on which the baby can lie looking up on the suspended toys on it. These toys come in different sizes and shapes and colors, depending on your tastes and preferences. On the play mat, you can have some toys, which the baby can be fidgeting with.

    In the initial stages of the baby’s growth, he/she may not even notice what they are but as we all know, a baby is the most curious being, as everything around is knew and they are eager to know what everything works. Instead of leaving your baby in the bedroom alone, while you are doing your laundry, get a baby play gym so that you can monitor them all the time. Not to mention, the brain stimulation associated with especially the suspended toys.

    At Tiny Tots Baby Shop, we got your baby play gym needs covered by stocking the most trusted brands to keep your baby safe, occupied and happy all the time.