Gift Vouchers

    If you have ever pondered on the best gift option for a friend, family, or for your partner who has just conceived, then you should know and explore the delight of Tiny Tots Baby Store Gift cards.
    Our Tiny Tots Baby Store gift cards are prepaid payment cards that contains a specific amount of money stored for a later use. We have gift cards on sale from as little as $25 to as big as $1000. They are convenient gifts; causing you to permit whoever you are gifting to be able to give their baby the Melbourne baby delight; better parenting and most importantly, a convenient way to shop with us.
    How you can get Tiny Tots Gift cards
    Our gift cards are available on our online store, and our Melbourne baby shop. All you need do is click on the “Other” icon and be presented with our gift options.
    If you want to gift it to a second party; a friend or a family member, just input the shipping address or email address of the second party, and the virtual card is sent to them which comprises of several digits which is unique to each gift card and which is used during purchase. Because we know the best gifts are accompanied with words, we let you leave your personalized message to them at the checkout and we send with free postage to the shipping or email address.
    How to use your Gift cards
    Gift cards encourage online purchases and based on the price purchased can be used to redeem as many baby products as possible from our store, however, it cannot be used to redeem cash.
    You can use your Gift cards online and, in our store, to redeem our items, they can be used multiple times till the amount is exhausted. However, they must be used before expiry date which is usually 24 months from card purchase.
    However, once a specific amount has been used on the card, Tiny Tots Baby Store sends you an automatic new code that is aligned with the new balance on the card. This would help you know the balance left in your gift card after use. To use the gift card online, you would need to log on to the Tiny Tots Baby Store website and place your orders on the site, then checkout.
    Avail yourself of our Gift card, get in touch with the best gift choice, convenient and easiest way to shop with us. Buy our Gift cards today and be glad you did.