Between 6months to 1year, it is normal to have baby starting solids for food as at this stage .

    At 4 months of age to 6 months solids offered after milk feed. In addition to the breast milk / formula ; not as a replacement.
    After 6 months solids are offered before breastmilk / formula.

    As a result, as a mother you require to have baby-feeding utensils to serve the baby from. At this age bracket, the baby is still vulnerable to diseases and especially if they are eating real foods,
    as any sort of contamination which is inevitable can affect their health.

    Hence, for baby starting solids, special utensils for your baby from bowls, dishes and spoons are necessary to have. It is even advisable to have separate storage
    for the utensils from the normal kitchen utensils to achieve high-level protection and hygiene.

    The baby dishes should be cleaned well and safely stored, from which the baby can be served with his/her starting solids. They are normally made in designs to
    fascinate the baby, because as we all know at this stage the baby is very curious. Together with the dishes, are specially designed baby spoons which the mother
    uses to feed the baby both solid, semi-solid and liquid foods. They should be sterilized to ensure that they are free of any germs and contamination

    Mixing up foods or smashing solid foods to semi-solid foods that the baby can easily eat usually makes baby starting solids. At this stage the babies are still in
    the teething process hence don’t have all the teeth and energy to chew up food. Baby bowls come in handy when it comes to preparation of baby starting solids,
    which also need to be extremely clean.

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