In an attempt to consider and cover the needs of the mother and the baby, Tiny Tots Baby Store stocks a wide range of breastfeeding covers.Breastfeeding is an inevitable activity for any mother or aspiring mother for that matter. Being the only food for the baby, especially for a newborn, a mother’s milk is a vital commodity in a baby’s life.

    Breastfeeding covers are available to ensure that nothing deters the baby from breastfeeding regardless of the present environment. Many are times, which a mother is out with the baby and the need to breastfeed arises unannounced. Using the breastfeeding cover a mother will breastfeed the baby comfortably with privacy ensured.

    The covers are made with a rigid neckline to allow free airflow while breastfeeding and also to allow direct eye contact between the mother and the baby. Most of them come with a corner cloth for cleaning up any spillages while breastfeeding; pockets on the covers ideal for putting essentials while breastfeeding ensure that it becomes an enjoyable task, despite of where you are.
    The covers can also act as warmth covers during cold times both indoors and when outside.

    A woman’s biological system is made such that, in public places, if she is embraced due to people looking at her while breastfeeding induces reactions, which prohibit the mammary glands from releasing milk. This is injustice to you baby and this is where the breastfeeding covers save the day, ensuring that nothing comes between the baby and his/her only food; the breast milk.

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