Baby Bottles

    Nestling your baby in the crook of your arm can be said to be one of the best bonding moments for a mother and child during nursing or bottle feeding.
    Definitely, if your little one is to feed completely or partly from a baby bottle, you’ll want to be sure to make the right choice of a baby bottle – one that won’t disrupt your baby’s peaceful moments with leaking, collapsing nipples or air bubbles. Most families use baby bottles especially if they feed their babies formula. Baby bottles are also essential for mothers who intend to return to work within the baby’s first year and due to their slight unavailability would require a way for others to feed the baby with expressed breast milk or formula. For a mother who plans to be home and exclusively breastfeed, a baby bottle can also be helpful so as enable them have breathing space while others feed the child.
    Our baby bottles have proven to be the best as they are designed to prevent air bubbles from being swallowed making it pretty similar to breastfeeding. This helps reduce burping, gas, spit-up and even colic This effect also makes sure that all the essential nutrients in milk and formula are preserved.
    Our twist shake plate is a safe and innovative product developed to make meal times a more comfortable experience. The clever anti slip bottom (click mat) helps to make the plate difficult to move even for the most energetic of toddlers and also prevents the plate from sliding across the table. The smart lid easily helps to transform the plate into a lunch box either for a trip or for storage and more than one plate can be stacked due to the ingenious twistclick function. The shape of the plates are made to perfectly fit with the twistshake cutlery series.
    Our twistshake eat-on-your-own cutlery is designed specifically for your babies use to help them scoop food easily from their twist shake plates whilst also making use of their baby bottles on their own. It has short hands that are perfectly adapted for the hands of a small child thereby making it easy for a child’s use. They’re also designed with an anti-slip property to ensure a steady grip, the cutlery as well has a smart edge at the handle to prevent it from ending up in the food. It could be said that they’re the perfect tools for learning cutlery usage.