Swaddles & Wraps

    Swaddles and wraps come in different sizes, designs and brands. They come in handy when your baby needs to sleep and hence, need to be covered comfortably. Swaddles and wraps are designed into the shape of a baby such that when used, they ill cover the baby’s whole body.

    Like a sleeping bag, swaddles have enough space to allow free movement of the baby’s legs and hands without causing any discomfort. They are made using a cozy fabric, which is soft and tender to the body. In addition, they are made in such a way that they maintain a perfect temperature for the baby.

    Thanks to innovation, we are past the era when we used to cover babies with large uncomfortable blankets. Baby swaddles are mostly of cotton, which are washable to maintain hygiene for the baby. A variety of baby swaddles are fitted with zips, which allow you to open up the swaddle wrap in case you want to change your baby’s nappies.

    To the mother, it is easier to use a baby swaddle wrap instead of blankets for your baby, not to mention how easy it is to maintain the swaddle wraps. Adding icing to the cake, most of the swaddles are fitted with more fabric in the chest area so as to keep the baby’s cold sensitive chest well covered.

    Sleep is an essential prerequisite for a healthy baby and hence, comfortable sleep and is what the baby swaddle warp provides. Get the ideal baby swaddles and wraps from Tiny Tots Baby Store today, to give your baby the opportunity to grow healthy and strong due to enough sleep.