Change Mats and Toilet Training

    Being one of the most essential accessories, a baby change mat is a must is just makes life of both the mother and the baby way easier. These are foam filled mats, which allow you as a mother to change your baby’s nappies or clothes. They allow you freedom to continue with your normal routine without worry of changing your baby. The foam makes the mat comfortable for your baby to lay while you are changing him/her regardless of the surface. Be it on bare grass, on hard surface or on the floor, the change mats just work well.

    The best change mats are made of a soft surface that can be wipe cleaned. This allows you as a mother to easily clean any mess in the process of changing your baby. In the process of changing your baby, among other situation, spillages are some of the things that require you to have an easy to clean change mat.

    Reality has it that, at times, regardless of the stage of parenting, you may need to travel. Ideal for both short and long travel, travel change mats come in handy for any mother. The need to change your baby may arise anytime, anywhere in the course of the travel. They are compact and foldable for easy packing. It should be lightweight, preferably made of cotton so that it is not hectic to carry around in your baby bag.

    At Tiny Tots Baby Store, we stock the best change mats from trusted brands to well suit your ‘baby change’ needs.