Baby care

    Every parent wants their babies in the best of conditions, we know you do too and Tiny Tots is here to offer to you the best baby care essentials to ensure that your little one is healthy all day, everyday. These baby care essentials have been designed to give the best results for your baby, leaving their skin smooth and moisturized. Being prepared for a baby means needing to stock up on a few baby care products and over here at Tiny Tots, your baby’s grooming is of utmost importance hence, this is the rght site for you to be on. These baby care essentials are the utmost necessities for your new born baby and due to their organic nature are certified to give the best results you can ever see. Our koala baby wash and it’s gentle effects on your baby’s skin will leave your baby’s skin smooth and perfectly moisturized.
    Our baby powder is essentially made to treat your baby’s diaper rash and ease the friction on your baby’s skin. Wash your baby’s hair with our organic tear-free baby shampoo that is as gentle to the eyes as pure water to gently cleanse your baby’s hair. This organic shampoo with herbal extracts leaves your baby’s hair fresh and shiny with it’s tender effect on your baby’s delicate scalp to ensure that your baby’s skin is left moist and without irritations.
    Also made available is an insect repellant to keep your baby safe and rid your baby’s surrounding of dangerous insect while ensuring not to have a negative impact on your baby’s health. This repellant was made with ingredients to ensure that while keeping your baby protected from insects, your baby is not affected by the repellant thereny erasing any possibility of a skin reactions due to its use. Our aloe vera gel spray is a safe and natural remedy to relieve your baby’s painful rash. It provides quick relief for your baby’s irritated skin. These baby care essentials just as the name implies are essential for your baby’s health and are most suitable to provide the best results.
    Mothers are definitely not left out as we have a mum and baby balm made perfectly for you and your baby’s use, as well as our koala mummy’s tummy rub made to soothe the irritations associated with stretching skin. Do not be left on the wonders these baby care essentials would work on your baby’s skin.