Our store layby service adds no extra costs to your purchase. This is an additional service we are providing to our customers.


Terms and Conditions

Initial deposit of 20 % required. This is a non- refundable deposit to Tiny Tots Baby Store to secure the stock.We will set up ongoing payments for the remaining 80% of the payment to your nominated card to be deducted on a date allocated by you.

Time Period

Full payments need to be completed within 3 months or 12 week. When layby is placed with us, We hold the stock for 3 months for you with no excess charges. Due to this easy setup, we require the layby conditions above honoured.

Price of the goods at the price on the date of layby. Future sale pricing or competitors pricing will not affect the price at the time of layby is placed with us.

Termination Fees

If you cancel the layby within the payment period or after full payment is complete we refund 80% of the full amount of the layby invoice. Initial deposit of 20% will not be refunded.


Customers must acknowledge the layby terms and conditions.(email or in person)

Further Information on Rights
To source further information regarding your right under any Lay-By agreement, visit ACCC website.

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Layby terms and conditions policy updated 19 March 2019