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Our store is created to help parents by presenting them with the best options for baby products. We understand the importance of the wellbeing of the baby and we want to be a respectful partner in this wonderful journey of parenthood. Having these in mind, we created several services to diversify our game of products to make sure you have everything you need for your little bundle of joy. And one of our core safety issues as parents is, of course, the child’s safety when we are on the road. This is not just an important topic for parents, it is a law requirement. In Australia, all children under 7 years old must use a system adapted to the age and the height of the child. 

To help you accommodate to your new role, we have added a new service, available to our location: we provide accredited car seat fitting services in our store.
We are an ACRI Accredited (Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative) Car Seat Installers.
There are several important details you should now in regards to the child’s safety in the car.

The following information is an abstract of published information as published on

  • Choose the right child restraint

Child restraints must be the right size for a child, properly adjusted and fastened, and correctly fitted to the vehicle.

  • Children from birth to 4 years

Children under 4 years old must travel in a rear facing or forward facing child restraint.

  • Children aged between 4-7 years

Children aged between 4-7 years must travel in a forward facing child restraint or a booster seat.

  • Children aged between 7-16 years

Children aged between 7 and 16 are required to use a booster seat or adult seat belt when travelling in a vehicle.

We regard this matter with high importance. Our car seat fitters will ensure the safe installation and adjustment of your car seat, as well as how to use restraints correctly.

Prior bookings are essential for a car seat fitting. We will answer your questions about the child’s safety and car seats at the store, so we want to make sure we have enough time allocated to go over this serious and essential topic.

We want to create a comfortable and convenient shopping experience for you, as a parent. We do not want to think about children being involved in a collision, but this is a reality and we want to make sure we offer all the help we can so you are prepared if these unfortunate events happen.