Maternity and Childrens Bags

When you think about baby items, one category that might not be on the top of your list is a bag. But you will soon realize that it is as important as all the other ‘’must have items’’.

Before deciding on an item, try to think about your lifestyle and all the situation in which you will need a bag to carry items. Your unique family setting deserves attention and care. First, there are several aspects you should consider.

Does your family like to travel?

If you love to travel with your family and you will spend a lot of time on the road, it is best to be prepared with the proper gear. We have several options available for travel enthusiastic. One function you will probably need (if your child is small) is in regards to the nappy changing needs. Our travelling items are more than just your regular travel suitcases, they are designed for the specific needs of a family.

Do you have a toddler or an older child?

From a certain age, children like to do things themselves. You will have an independent toddler who will want to carry his own bags. Our kids ride is a beloved option for children who want their own bag. The child can carry, ride or be towed along when he is tired. (And you will not hear a child complaining about the length of the distance). They were designed especially to eliminate the boredom that might appear while traveling with kids. And they are colourful and full of character to fit every child fantasy. Is your little one interested in flamingos? No problem, with this item your toddler will be able to travel in style. Or do you have a fireman enthusiastic? Then he will adore our fire engine Frank, equipped with a horn, to make the ride even more fun. Other interesting options we have are for pirates’ enthusiasts and flora the fairy for kids who love nature. Does your child have a favourite teddy bear which will come with you on your trip? No worries, these models have a teddy bear seatbelt so the favourite toy will not get lost before arriving at the destination.

The models we offer for children suitcases are tested to being used by enthusiastic and energetic 3 years old, so there is a guarantee it will not break during your trip. They have a comfortable saddle, to avoid the tiredness of the child, and soft rubber rim so your child’s little finger will not get hurt while packing. An ID label will help you with its location, making sure it will not get lost.

But you do not need to travel far to need a bag for yours or for your baby’s items.

For moms who live in the city, the need to have several items at you is very real, because you want to spend as little time in traffic as possible. We have several backpacks designed for busy moms who have to organize well. Several of them can be attached to the stroller, being a convenient option. And we paid attention to the details. After all, we still want to have chic bags when we are walking to the store. If your child is using nappies, we have various options which include a cushion changing pad, which might come as a great accessory for mothers with small children.

And we did not forget about the need to feed our children. We have a model that has double bottles that maintain the milk temperature safe and can be used by parents to make sure the milk is cool and fresh for the child to drink it when he needs it.

If you are just going for a walk in the park and do not need many items, we have chic options that will please the moms. They aren’t as big as the backpacks, but still spacious enough to be a great item to use. And they come in wonderful colours, such as navy and black.

If your child is older and he is going to preschool or school, we have cute options for lunch bags. We know how much children love animals, so we have several options for animal fans: leopard, racoon, and fox. And we did not forget about the fairy-tale land and have items with the theme unicorn.

All our products are from beloved and tested brands and from materials carefully selected for the wellbeing of the baby.

Our store offers a variety of options for bags for moms, parents, and children. Because we understand that every family is unique and has different travel needs. And we are focused to make your experience in our shop as convenient and comfortable as possible. You should be able to travel in style while not compromising in the items you need, no matter if you are going on a family vacation or a walk in the park.

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