Maxi Cosi Moda Convertible Seat -Night Grey

Maxi Cosi

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Maxi Cosi 2018 collection

• GCELL- Crash Absorbing Technology
• Improved Isogo isofix system for a simple and more secure car installation
• 'Cool Baby' wicking fabric. This unique fabric draws moisture away from your baby's skin, allowing air to flow in, keeping baby cool and comfortable.
• New and Improved Head support
• Maximum recline for greater comfort.
• Helpful harness guides to help to eliminate the straps from twisting.
• Adjustable 5-point safety harness for your growing child
• New Harness holders
• Removable and washable covers with no need to re-thread harness
• Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection
• Soft and Plush newborn insert
• 3 adjustable recline base positions to suit a larger variety of Cars
• "QuickFit" - raises head and shoulder height in one motion without removing seat from the car.
• 5 adjustable headrest positions
• Fabric back shield to provide extra protection for your car
• Easy-use independent latching buckle

What is GCELL?
GCELL sets a new standard in child restraint technology
As the next generation of side impact protection, GCell takes what works in nature and applies it to child safety.
The beauty of GCell’s design lies in the simplicity of the hexagonal shapes that work together to generate a wall of strength under great compression.
GCell's patented technology uses high performance thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that lines the entire outside of your child’s car seat shell and acts as a crumple zone for your car seat. This helps to greatly reduce crash forces much like the bumper does for your car.
An innovation in structural design, GCell is light, flexible, strong and fit for purpose.

Mother Nature once again leads the way in inspiring creative breakthrough technology.
GCell’s “honeycomb” design features:
Hexagonal shaped high-performance thermoplastic elastomer absorbers that act as a crumple zone for side impact collisions
Structural integrity even after exposure to extreme temperatures, the crumple zones do not diminish over time
Secure coverage of your child’s car seat for complete side impact protection
Slim and narrow design allowing you to maximise space in your vehicle
Tailored solution to protect your child’s body and works in combination with our Air Protect technology which was tailored for your child’s head.

What is Air Protect?

Air Protect® Superior side impact protection for your child
No one likes to think about the possibility of having a car accident, but at the same time you want to do all you can to protect your child in case of any eventuality.
The safety of your child is also our top priority and that’s why we’ve developed revolutionary new technology to minimise the risk of injury to your child in a side-impact collision.

*Did you know*
Side-impact collisions are especially dangerous for children and cause a third of all child crash fatalities, nearly all of which are due to head injuries.
Why is a side-impact crash more dangerous for your child?
Your child’s head and chest are extremely vulnerable to injury. In a side-impact collision, the shoulders take the impact, jolting the chest and head. It’s particularly dangerous if the child is on the side of the impact as the door may be pushed into them.

*Did you know*
Airbags are designed and positioned to protect adult heads, not those of children.
The best side protection for your child’s head
Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection® is the result of a groundbreaking collaboration between Dorel and the renowned Crash Test Center at Kettering University, Michigan USA. Unique and innovative, it provides your child with the greatest side-impact protection available on the market today.

*Did you know*
One in four car accidents is a side-impact crash.
How does Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection® work?
Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection® is specifically designed to protect your child’s head in a side-impact crash and this is what makes it unique. Air Protect ® instantaneously reduces the impact forces of a crash – most critically, around your child’s head – by diverting them away from your child and absorbing them into the headrest.


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Product Last Updated: Jun 06, 2020

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