Zazu Lou 2 in 1 Night light Blue


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Zazu Lou is a compact nightlight. Powered by batteries or electricity. It got the ability to work as a reading lamp with the higher setting as well as a night light with the lower light setting.It can light up all night or adjusted with timer settings. This is a perfect night light for your baby nursery.Include ability to be voice activated is useful when it is time to settle the baby in the night time.As your baby grows they will love the owl character and settle in the night time with the night lamp.

Zazu Lou night light

  • A compact light that is powered by batteries or mains electricity.
  • It can be left on all night or set to switch off automatically.
  • Lights up if your child wakes up with the voice activation function.
  • You can also set the timer with auto shut-off.
  • Function to set the timer to automatically switch off once your child has dropped off to sleep.
  • Adjustable brightness :Owl and outer ring lights are adjustable: choose bright, soft or ambient light.
  • Size approx 15 cm height, 15 cm wide and 5 cm wide.
  • Include 2 in 1 Function
  • LOU Owl and outer ring are two separate lights. Use together for a brighter light or separately for a low glow.
  • *Please note the Stock in Australia do not contain the adapter as labelled in the box.It is only for USA stock.- ''It contain the USB cable that can use as a charger or you can use with batteries.''*
  • Easy to use 2 in 1 night light.

Activated with battery power or electricity.

  • Adjustable settings.

Both lights include adjustable settings for brightness and timer for auto shutoff.

  • Voice-activated

Voice-activated night light setting and adorable colourful LOU owl character.

  • Multi-use

Perfect nightlight for nursery or kids bedroom.

  • Auto switch off function.

Set the timer to automatically switch off once your child has dropped off to sleep.

The Zazu Lou 2 in 1 Night light Blue destined to impress, and priced at only $49.95, for a limited time.

Inventory Last Updated: Nov 21, 2019

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