Baby Toys and Play gyms

Welcome to our toys section! If you are a parent and want to buy toys for your child, we have age-appropriate toys for your little one (for 1-year-old, for 2 years old, for 3 years old).

If you are looking to buy for a family member or a friend’s child, we are sure that our advice will help you select the best options.

Now, a new world is revealed in front of us. For babies and children, toys are not just simple objects. They are friends, fellows, and confidants. If a child loses his favourite toy, it is like losing his best friend. Because through toys, children can reach a magical and wonderful world.

The benefits of play are both on a short term and long term. It contributes to the development of the child, both physically and mentally. To play is one of the most important need that a child has. It is important to purchase age appropriate toys, that will match the child’s development stage.

Infant toys

We learn through discovery and imitations. And this is something that we can easily see at an infant. If you are interested in toys for babies 0-12 months old, you are in luck. We have a various collection of toys appropriated for this age. Toys at this age, play a crucial role in the development of the infant. Their tactical skills are developed through toys.
We know infants have a hard time with teeth’s and pain and we have several options for soothing the child. Also, we understand the fascination for animal shaped toys and we focus our attention to colourful toys, shaped as favourite animals.

Baby toys

The baby, from age 1 to 3 years old, knows already to walk. At this age, the baby is most of the time in movement. He tries to discover as much as he can. He has fun playing with sand, water and does not want to stop. The baby starts to discover books with images, that draws his attention. Favourite toys at this age are coloured cubes, toys that can be built, and books with colourful images.
In our section, you will not only find toys that attract the baby, but also all you need to decorate the little one room( different lamps shaped like animals, stuffed animals who sing to help the little one to sleep, clocks.)

Musical toys

All children love music. They are instinctively attracted to sound and music. From newborns to toddlers, there are specially designed toys that build on the natural desire of the child for music. How easy is it for them to remember the sounds of an animal if given a musical toy? And they can also learn children songs that have a catchy sound( Like ‘’Old McDonald has a farm’’).
There are also musical toys designed to soothe the child. If you have a hard time putting the child to sleep, these types of toys might help.


What a wonderful toy for those first milestones! These mates can be used as soon as the baby shows interest in colour and music around him. Colourful, fascinated toys will entertain your little one for hours. These mates combine animals shaped toys with musical one, all to help the child’s development. These toys fit well in your living room, which is suddenly transformed into a playground. They are also great to stimulate movement for your little one. You can purchase a theme playmate, with your child favourite animals.


This category might be both for children and parents. For children, the repetitive movement of a rocker has a soothing effect. For older children, the rocker becomes a dear friend which will lead him to adventure. For parents, it will take from the job of swinging the child.

Bath toys

Bath is such a wonderful moment to connect with your child. And children love to take a bath and toys are just a good fit in this environment. They love to play with water and put into a bucket and move it from a place to another. And they can transform into divers and discover the water world.

Of course, the safety of the child must come first. Toys should be given with supervision from an adult.

The products displayed in our store are carefully selected to offer the best options to our clients. Only tested brands reach our shelves. Our main focus is the wellbeing of the baby, so we put a lot of time and effort in selecting what to offer. More than that, we understand parents do not have free time so we want to make sure our store offers a convenient and comfortable shopping experience. You can choose from the comfort of your home from a variety of products, organized for a faster search.

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