Baby Safety

If you are a new parent, or you have a new baby in the family, one aspect that it is high on your priority list is the safety of the baby. And it is not without reason, because this little person is totally depending on the adults around him during the first years. And we start treating them like the treasure they are.


The healthcare of a newborn is essential. The baby skin is so fragile and needs special attention. For first time parents, how to safely take care of the baby might seem like a difficult challenge. If you want extra help, there are courses available for parents that help you with the healthcare aspects. You can learn how to give them a bath, and other very important aspects. Do not worry, we have all been in the place.
There are several healthcare kits available, with different sizes (for different needs). Think about what will your family need (do you plan to stay more at home or travel frequently with your baby?)
Grooming the baby will be a daily task, so choose products that cover all your needs.
One crucial aspect when we talk about healthcare is, of course, the sleeping options. There are dozens of information shared by specialists and institution that gives us advice about the baby’s sleeping place( what to have, what we definitely shouldn’t have, such as pillows for example). But in the end, it comes to personal choices. Even if you choose co-sleeping or the baby has a different room, the safety aspects should be the first factor when thinking about the design of the room. The need for the ‘’fourth trimester’’ is real and we should choose products that understand the specific needs of a newborn.
But we did not forget about having fun. There are safe toy options for children, that can be safely handled by babies. Look for products that are in compliance with standard quality and you will know you are in good hands. Play is an important part of the baby’s development so we must select with care the toys we offer our children. One aspect we should consider is not to overstimulate the child, by giving him too colourful options. This is why, at this stage, animals designed toys are loved and preferred. Your child will have his favourite in no time!

Pacifier Holders

Experienced parents can agree that losing their favourite pacifier can be a real problem. And very hard to replace it. We have several possibilities when it comes to pacifier holders, for that precious object not to be lost( from dummy chain, suited for smaller children, to animal-shaped pacifier holders, for older children).

Night Lights

We understand the importance of good sleep when you have a small child.
So the night lights you choose for the bedroom should be a real help with being able to change and feed the baby without waking him entirely.
Older babies love to have lamps in the room that are shaped like animals. And to make the sleeping time more fun, there are options that sing. It can help the child prepare for sleeping alone. Having a relaxing atmosphere when going to bed will help the child prepare for sleep and improve his sleeping.
Sleep Trainers
When your child is older, it is normal to start to think about methods of helping him sleep alone. Maybe you want to create a new room for him, or just giving him the responsibility to wake up (with lamps specially designed for this moment). You have an older child that wants to be independent and you can be proud of that.

Baby Monitors

We cannot emphasize enough how important safety products are for newborns. Although no amount of preparation can reduce to zero the problems that might appear with a baby, there are options available that
Bath Accessories
Bath time should be a fun time. And with the proper products, it can be!
Babies love bath time, not only because it helps them connect with the adult, but also because they are intrigued and fascinated by water. To help support the baby in the water, we have several options you can choose from and feel secure about the bath time. Your child loves to play in the water? Great, we have toys for that too!

We understand how crucially important it is for every parent the safety of his child. It is our focus and priority only to bring trusted and tested brands in our store, and to emphasize on the wellbeing of the baby. We want to offer parents not only a shopping experience but a comfortable and convenient option, where they feel safe choosing the best option for the baby. These products are in compliance with standards of safety, so you know you have in front of you validated options for your child.

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