Baby Prams and Strollers

A stroller is on every parent's must have list. It is one of the first items you should buy before the baby arrives, so you will be prepared. They are usually considered to be an important expense, and it is normal to take your time and research all the options before committing to buying one. After all, your focus is the well-being of the baby - so it is ours too. We only offer options that are tested and trusted in our store, so our store is a convenient and comfortable option for parents who are searching for a baby pram stroller.

For new parents, we have a couple of tips to help you choose the best option for your child:

  • Keep in mind the location you are living in, which will influence the type of stroller you need.
    For example – If you live in a big city, you might opt for a sports stroller or one that is easy to lift or that can fit into narrow spaces; If you live in the countryside, you will probably need a pram with big wheels.
  • Your lifestyle.
    Do you travel frequently? There are strollers that are designed especially for that. Do you want to use the stroller to go to shopping too? Then you might need a pram organizer.
  • How many children will be using the pram or stroller?
  • Comfort and safety
  • The accessories for the pram.
    Do they come with the stroller or do you need to buy them separately? Are any toys included?

Now let’s talk about how many options there are:

Baby pram 3 in 1(or 2 in 1)

These are a popular option among parents because they take care of all the ride needs with just one purchase: they have a capsule, a car seat and a stroller. The 2 in 1 options have a car seat and a stroller. One of the benefits of these prams is the fact that you can easily move the child into the car/from the car, and that the prams are comfortable for every age (when the child is older the pram can be used in the sport option).

Sports baby pram

These are a popular option because they are easy and practical. Usually, they cannot be used before the baby is older than 6 months because the child needs support for their head and should stay in a horizontal position.

Sports strollers are an easy and convenient option (easy to push around, and to climb the stairs with them). These models are usually cheaper than others. Usually, the wheels are smaller, so the strollers aren’t equipped for different roads. These strollers will function well for a walk through a park or for occasional use.

Strollers for twins                                          

This option offers the parent the ability to transport 2 children at the same time. The disadvantage of these strollers is the size of them (you might need a larger space for storage).

Strollers for jogging

We have thought about parents who are active and for whom, being active is a must in their daily routine. We have options for strollers designed for allowing the parent to run or jog while pushing their child.

Another aspect to consider is how long you are planning to keep the child in the stroller. The comfort and safety of the child is the main priority for every parent. Our baby pram liners are created for the comfort and well-being of the baby. Created from soft materials, easy to clean, with a large variety of colors, such as: grey, white, black, blue, camel, grey mint, and ruby red.

We also offer a variety of accessories to combine with the strollers to give you the best experience in a single place, such as: sleeping bags, nursery bags, mosquito nets, rain cover accessories, mattress covers, baby blankets and more.
Just choose the one that fits your family's needs.

You might wonder if you really need a pram. Keep in mind that this is an indispensable product that you can use for a long period of time (from birth to toddler’s years). There are many options when it comes to strollers, so they can fit every family and every need. To make this process easier, create a list with your ’’must haves’’ and start the search from there. We are sure that we can offer an option for everybody.

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